01 June 2011

Surprise, surprise...

...you mean the guy who got caught stark naked in the Chinatown bawdy house?

-- OTTAWA -- Despite a recent pledge to restore order and civility to the House of Commons, NDP leader Jack Layton was the least civil Parliamentarian prior to this spring's election, according to researchers' analysis of Question Period.
So much for the myth of the nasty Neo-con, huh?
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe were the only party leaders above the civility average of all party MPs. Harper scored 50 while Duceppe — who was defeated in the May 2 vote — scored a 51.

By contrast, Layton's score of 39 was closely followed by Ignatieff at 40.
Enjoy him, Quebec... he's all yours.


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... the Natural Stumbling Party...
"We’ve taken our lumps and our licks and we’re going to be back in the House very eagerly tomorrow.”
Lumps & licks... say, Bob... you haven't been out partying with Jacko, have you?


Platty said...

If anyone who voted for the king dipper is under the delusion that he is fair, straight shooting and honest, well, their about to find out that...they don't know Jack!

Neo Conservative said...

a couple of years of emperor jack at the helm... and canadians will be asking for a referendum on kicking quebec out of confederation.


Anonymous said...

Really, Jack was the most uncivil?
Wasn't it Mulcair who screamed in Candice Hoeppner's face? Pat Martin has done some dirty things,too.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending ol' Rub n Tug,, just seems those two were worse.