18 March 2011

Never mind the billion dollars...

...in hospital construction cost over-runs... what the hell is Dalton McGuinty doing cutting corners on cancer treatment?

-- TORONTO -- The government’s stance to deny the drug has been a difficult position to maintain, given that British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan all fund Herceptin for smaller tumours, as do Quebec, Newfoundland and Manitoba on a case-by-case basis.

The drug has turned one of the most lethal forms of breast cancer into one of the most curable. When given with chemotherapy, it halves rates of recurrence within four years of diagnosis in patients with HER-2 cancer, which affects 20 to 25 percent of breast cancer patients.
Hmmm... maybe the Liberals are just pinchin' pennies so they can fund other, more worthy initiatives...
-- BARRIE -- An inmate of an institution for the criminally insane who insists she is a "female trapped inside a male's body" is begging for a $15,000 assessment that would qualify her for a government-funded sex change.

Wearing a skirt and high-heeled shoes, Taylor -- formerly named Vance Egglestone until she got a legal name change -- began transitioning into a female in 2000, with extensive hormone therapy, nose surgery and $15,000 worth of permanent hair removal.
Throw in a "liberal dose" of hypocrisy...
Politicians and top bureaucrats from provinces across the country have better access to cancer drugs and treatment than their constituents, according to Cancer Advocacy Coalition Canada.

LAST WORD: And let's talk "family values"
"Friends, family and former colleagues are all intertwined in the complicated web that is eHealth Ontario's list of preferred contractors."


Anonymous said...

hmmm. That's funny. Dalton wasn't premier in 2000. I can't seem to recall who was...


If you conservatives need to mouth off, at least get your story straight. That's twice in one day I saw posts with absolutely hilarious inconsistencies, that make you all look like fools.

Fitting. Bet you don't even see it...


Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... at least get your story straight."

oh, you dumb bunny... do you just make stuff up over breakfast every day?

i guess that's how a "liberal supporter" copes with reality, huh?

"In May 2005, preliminary trial results pronouncing the effectiveness of Herceptin (trastuzumab) for treatment of early-stage breast cancer were disseminated at a high-profile scientific meeting. Herceptin was subsequently approved for use in the public healthcare systems of Canada and the United Kingdom."

hmmm... actual approval in 2006. that'd be 3 years into dalton's first term.



Rich said...

Neo- I think this is a classic posting for which I believe the correct term is "pwned"
Made my day.

Neo Conservative said...

well, rich... it'd be even more amusing if premier mcslippery weren't putting our children & grandchildren into hock.