11 June 2011

You remember the good ol' days...

...back in your callow twenties... your buds were always deviously droppin' you smack in the middle of those huge Coke burns?

Yeah... me neither.

"Caught up with 'friends' he should have never been chumming with, Jonathan was duped by two men known only as Wolf and Bounty into acting as a middleman in a drug deal."
Just another victim, huh?

No such thing as a bad boy in fuzzy-bunny Toronto.


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The hunt is on for a gunman who shot two men, one an innocent bystander, in Little Italy early Sunday.

The many bars in the trendy Bathurst-College Sts. neighbourhood had just emptied for the night when Toronto Police say the gunfire erupted.


dmorris said...

"Turner chain-smoked all the way back to the city."

This clearly shows how upset the killer was!

What a story,no heroes,no good people, just villains,from the victim to the dealers to the prosecutor to the judge who let him off with 8 years,which = 4 years.

You gotta stop reading these articles,neo, or you're gonna become depressed,and need prozac or atavan,or something.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, dmorris... gotta disagree.

it's always better to know than not to know.

you put your head in the sand... the only possible outcome is, you're gonna get a serious ass kickin'.

i just don't understand, in this particular instance, the media compulsion to canonise the middleman in a massive coke deal.

somebody needs to explain the "moral of the story" here.

any takers?


Russ said...

get a life of your own. there's your moral of the story.

Neo Conservative said...

geez, russ... sorry to take so long to get back to you... but it was such a lovely day i just had to get outside and put the backhoe to work.

hmmm... wait a minute... you stayed inside to read my blog... and then leave a smarmy, nonsensical two sentence troll?

congratulations, my friend... on your wonderful life.