31 March 2010

Remember when you were 16...

...you had a beef with somebody... out came the weapons?

Yeah... me neither.
-- OSHAWA -- A Grade 11 student slain outside his school Tuesday was remembered as a friendly athlete whose only enemy was the young man accused of killing him.

An 18-year-old classmate was arrested nearby "within minutes" and was expected to appear in court Wednesday morning.
Our modern world.


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I'll give you a hint... IT WASN'T that evil neocon Mike Harris...
"The Liberal government’s Bill 212 was in response to a complaint launched by the Ontario Human Rights Commission regarding the extent to which "racialized students" and "students with disabilities" were unfairly treated through the zero tolerance approach to student discipline."
Students with "disabilities"? You mean people who can't recognise that stabbing someone is a bad thing? Whaddaya call folks like that?

Oh yeah... sociopaths.

And would a "zero tolerance" policy have made any difference here? It sure sounds like it...
Erin McDonagh, who later brought flowers to the bus shelter, which quickly became a makeshift memorial, said it was common knowledge at school that the suspect carried a knife.
But heck, you're probably thinking... how often does some teenager get stabbed like this?

Well, as it turns out... that was the second one that day...
A 15-year-old boy was knifed late Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of St. Gertrude Separate Elementary School at 815 Ceremonial Dr., near McLaughin and Eglinton.
But don't tell Premier McSlippery anything like that.

There's no such thing as "a bad boy" in Dalton's new socialist paradise.


UPDATE: Teen killer id'd
18-year-old Jacques Amakon was charged with second-degree murder and possession of a dangerous weapon during in a court appearance Wednesday morning.
The three assailants in the other stabbing are still on the loose.


LAST WORD: Meanwhile, just down the road
-- AJAX -- Two men have been arrested after a teen was repeatedly stabbed in the head last week in a violent street-level attack.