22 September 2009

Remember when you were a kid...

...and schoolyard beefs got settled with cold steel?

-- MISSISSAUGA -- One victims advocate calls it outrageous that barely three weeks into the school year, there have been three stabbings in Greater Toronto Area schools.

The outcry comes after a 17-year-old male was stabbed in the arm yesterday morning in a hallway at Thomas L. Kennedy Secondary School in Mississauga, near Hurontario and Dundas Sts.

There were two stabbings at Toronto schools in the first two weeks of the school year.
Yessirree... reading. writing and ripping guys a new one.



Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the gangs in the high schools are the bottom feeders of the massive drug trade. The cops and the schools know this but prefer to act like idiots when this kind of thing happens. They pretend to be ignorant of the truth thinking that gangers only stab each other anyways. But the murder on Yonge Street several years ago of the innocent bystander shows that not only is this violence expanding but it can get you or your kid next. Slam it down now. (real conservative)