20 March 2010

So, anyway, I almost scored me...

...a freezer load of fresh venison the other night.

Jacklighting? A little poaching you ask?

Nothing so exotic I'm afraid.

Driving home the other night, about 10:30, pushing 60... (yeah, screw kilometers)... nice dry roads, a touch of moonlight... must've zoned out a little, because the gawds suddenly dropped a largish doe smack onto the right side of my lane... heading inbound.

Didn't even have time to punch the horn... just pulled hard left... praying the deer would take the other tack. And fortunately for me... this time... she pulled up & wheeled back the other way.

Under these sorts of circumstances, country road, a little ditch cover... I'm usually consciously scanning for movement and eyeball shine... but I guess I just got sloppy.

Anyway... took a few seconds to get the ol' rectum unpuckered... but the rest of the drive was uneventful. Just got to thinking about it again after reading about that second avalanche deal out west and thought I'd share.

Some days, I guess, you just catch a break.

Other days... not so much.


Anonymous said...

Yeah you avoided some serious damage to the vehicle and possibly injuries to yourself. Plus, I'd die inside if I killed a deer like that. (real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

i know a woman whose son hit a draft horse that had escaped it's paddock one foggy night.

no happy ending there.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

MP Steven Fletcher became a quadriplegic after an encounter with a moose, I believe.

Glad you're o.k. Neo.

hunter said...

Glad you missed it. Can you eat road kill?

Anonymous said...

I bet there was no "zoning out" for the rest of the trip Neo. I am not sure if it legal to take road kill game animals Hunter. I did watch a family of "New Canadians" try it once with a dead skunk. I got laughing so hard I had to stop.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

joanne... didn't know that about steven fletcher... but i've heard of moose attacking and disabling tractor-trailers they felt were encroaching on their territory.

and hunter... not sure how i'd feel about eating an animal i'd just turned into pate. i'd probably be worried about bone splinters or contamination from intestinal ruptures.

guess it depends on the... no pun intended... "carnage".


langmann said...

One can take road kill to a butcher if you phone the ministry (MNR) and obtain permission. (Page 28 MNR Guide) (Only butcher large game animals yourself if you have the talent and serious skill - dangerous folks if you don't know what you're doing)

As neo and others say this is not the ideal way to hunt.

langmann said...

Oh and I forgot to add to the above post, be prepared to immediately clean the animal of it's internal organs yourself. A messy job.

Anonymous said...

in our area you can get on a list with the mnr and when a moose or deer is killed on the road they will call you and if you want to go get it it is yours.
Or if you are at the scene of the accident you can check with the OPP officers there and if the driver who hit it doesn't want it you can usually take it.
They used to take the carcass to food banks but this is not allowed anymore. such a waste.

Sammy said...

That is true Jo,about Stephen Fletcher hitting a moose..I have been on that same road many times,as my hubby worked at the mine that Fletcher was coming from.Stephen was the geologist at the mine.
Neo,I had a close encounter with a bull- moose on the loose,just outside my fence few months back.My dogs didn't know what to think of the monster! I had never seen a moose in our area..tons of deer tho (I did help control their population few yrs back..hit a doe with bumper of my suv,did over $4000 damage,and killed the deer) Late at night,pouring rain,and Mama Deer came up and out of ditch,and it was all over before I knew what had happened.Thankfully I was only 6 kms from home,as the rad was punctured,and draining rapidly! Scary stuff to say the least..but I sure would have liked that moose in my freezer!!

Neo Conservative said...

had a close call myself back in the early nineties... deer jumped as i came up (already madly braking) on it... hit the windshield & slid off.

cracked the glass, left some fur in the wipers... but scampered off as i slid to a stop.


Frances said...

Neo - in Alberta you can, under these circumstances, phone the local game warden who will come and certify the accident. Then you get to keep the meat. I understand there are quite a few rural residents who have that phone number to hand.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... phone the local game warden who will come and certify the accident"

makes perfect sense... why waste the meat?

i imagine, though... there's probably a lot of people who'd be too traumatised after this kinda smackdown... to be thinkin' chops & steaks.