31 March 2010

Ontario... just something to think about...

...while you're filling out this year's tax return..,

Ontario taxpayers are footing the bill for almost 219,000 new public sector workers who were added to the payroll in just over six years... when the current Dalton McGuinty government first gained power, according to Statistics Canada.

The Liberals, rebounding from the recession and with a projected deficit this year of almost $20 billion, has been touting a two-year public sector freeze to help stem the red ink.

Last year’s Salary Disclosure revealed that 53,572 Ontario public servants made more than $100,000 in 2008 — up 26% from the previous year.
And up another 19 percent this year.

That's why we call him McSlippery.


Rich said...

Liberal's the name....bankruptcy's the game.
It's in their DNA.

Neo Conservative said...

it's funny... looks like dalton & finance minister dwight duncan had a little spare change lying around last year...

"Premier Dalton McGuinty is defending an untendered, $81-million contract for an energy centre built to power a casino in Windsor."

hey, windsor... isn't that dwight's own riding?

what a happy coincidence.


The Grey Lady said...

No wonder Toronto loves Dalton, thats an increase of almost 10% of the whole population of the city. Add to that the city workers and the rest of the provincial government and you have a haven for tax eaters. Must be at least 40% of the population works for the public service in one form or another and can you imagine how many are on the social services (tax payer) bankroll? Jeepers wonder why Toronto is so despised? Not me. It's a sink hole of tax payer funds no matter how you slice it.