23 March 2010

Local coppers...

...have faces beaten to applesauce with brass knuckles... community spokesman responds...

"He’s also dismayed by the “racist” response to the beating, especially those bandied about on the social networking site, Facebook."
I'll tell ya, Chief... I'm a little surprised myself... that anybody even made that connection... 'cos up until this G&M article, the national media wasn't about to touch the aboriginal angle here... with somebody elses ten foot pole.

Hey... while we're on "alleged racism"... what do you find more offensive?

1) "Take a camel."
2) "Let's kill all the Jews."


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...is hang all the lawyers.
“He’s not sorry yet,” he said of his client. “He hasn’t been proven guilty.”
Good grief.


BDFT said...

So, if you condemn natives for beating up cops, you're a racists? Or is it the fact that the cops had the temerity to come on to the reserve and arrest natives. Does that make them racist? I can't be bothered to look it up. I will, no doubt, discover that I am a racist too. The fact that alcohol was involved really surprises me. From what I hear lately, the biggest threat on reserves these days are unicorns and rainbows.

oxygentax said...

I wonder if the rules are written down anywhere, or if it's simply assumed that if you're white you're racist.

Neo Conservative said...

"oxygentax asks... it's simply assumed that if you're white you're racist?"

yup... they like to keep it nice & simple.