13 March 2010

Let me count the ways

So, an aboriginal icon bites the dust... and is remembered... fondly?

-- SHELLBROOK, Sask. -- David Ahenakew, a former Saskatchewan aboriginal leader who was stripped of the Order of Canada for calling Jews a "disease", has died in hospital after a long battle with cancer.
It would be an injustice to remember the man simply for his anti-semitism... for he was much, much more...
In 1984, he outraged aboriginal women by arguing against federal government plans to abolish an Indian Act provision that stripped women of their Indian status if they married a non-Indian. Ahenakew maintained that aboriginal people themselves should determine their own membership.
And there was his nose for both business & politics...
He was ousted as leader of the assembly in 1985 amid allegations of financial mismanagement and later was among six Saskatchewan men accused of using kickbacks from government grants and contracts to pay for the failed 1984 Liberal leadership bid of the former Indian affairs minister John Munro.
And the way he was always willing to go that extra mile to accommodate the views of his neighbours...
Ahenakew warned at a meeting of the Assembly of First Nations two years ago that if aboriginal grievances were not taken seriously, there would be violent consequences.

"The way things are happening in this country with Indian Affairs is leading to physical confrontation," he said at the time. "We had it here a few years ago, but when it breaks out across the country, you won't have the army, you won't have the police forces -- you won't have anything to stop the destruction that will take place."
Yes... pardon me while I weep.


Anonymous said...

I agree. If a person is an ass#ole in life why would death change that status.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

well, rob... i'm guessing... dawg & company... might disagree with you.


arctic_front said...

good riddance

dupmar said...


just my own personal bias here,

but I believe if we are not pressed or called upon to comment on a person's passing

and have nothing positive to contribute...

discretion would suggest we do so out of deference towards those in his community who did hold affection for the man..

He must have had some positive qualities to have acquired the leadership positions he held in life .. and as for the rest, he was not a war criminal, simply a misguided native leader who held irrational animosity towards a people not responsible for any of his perceived grievances or historical grievances, did not interact with his own people in any meaningful way .. something completely inexplicable..

dupmar said...

my previous contribution should have run ...

if we have nothing positive to contribute..

discretion suggests we not do so..

Neo Conservative said...

"dupmar says... deference towards those in his community who did hold affection for the man"

hmmm, not sure i'm following here... you mean deference towards the anti-semitic skinhead elements within the aboriginal community?

that, my friend, is just not gonna happen.

the thing is... while i'm sure adolf hitler also had a mother who loved him... i feel absolutely no obligation to defer to his memory.

same thing applies for herr ahenakew. he said it... and lived it... now he has to wear it.


dupmar said...

correct me if I'm wrong here Neo, it's been quite a good many years since I lived in Manitoba or Saskatchewan ....

and while the Ku Klux Klan and such groups had a history of recruiting and organizing against
French Canadians, Catholics, Metis, natives and such .. there is no evidence to suggest they are currently running a recruitment drive amongst native youth in Saskatchewan.

Neo Conservative said...

"dupmar says... a recruitment drive amongst native youth in Saskatchewan"

which, if i may be so bold as to say... has sfa to do with the vile anti-semitic views of one... david "jews are a disease" ahenakew.

you think death wipes this slate clean?



dupmar said...


you were casting aspersions and characterizing the native community in Saskatchewan, who held the deceased in some regard for what they considered positive contributions ... irrespective of his irrational beliefs pertaining to Jews and the Second World War .. as "aboriginal skinheads"..

There is no evidence Nazis and skinheads ... as opposed to Mr. Ahenekew's own community.. were holding a wake in his memory, so let's let him rest in peace.

As for other issues, I am not going to lecture Saskatchewan natives on the virtues of assimilation versus their notions of cultural protection, intermarriage and so forth, and counterpose to our own values .. not when other cultures with apparently similar restrictive views on assimilation and intermarriage get a free pass from many blogging tories - there was hardly a hue and cry when leading Israeli spokepersons suggested to Miss Rafaeli that Leonardo DiCaprio, given his cultural/ religious background, was not a suitable choice for matrimony.

Neo Conservative said...

"duplicitous dupmar shrieks... casting aspersions and characterizing the native community"

dupe... it was you who brought up "those in his community who hold affection" for david "jews are a disease" ahenakew.

i don't know exactly who you were referring to... but your reaction to my somewhat tongue-in-cheek retort suggests more than a little defensiveness.

and sorry... implying that i am a racist... not a rational argument.

but that's how your sainted mr ahenakew played the game, isn't it.


dupmar said...


read back through the exchange ...

I suggested it might not be appropriate to carry an obituary column if all the contributions sought to do was dump on the deceased ...

and this out of deference towards those in his community who aparently held him in some regard...

you referred to these people as
"aboroginal skinheads". There is no evidence those in his community shared his beliefs with respect to European history ...

I did not make sweeping generalizations pertaining to motives or attitudes, as I said at the outset, I stated my personal bias...

Neo Conservative said...

"dupmar regurgitates... out of deference towards those in his community who aparently held him in some regard"

dup... let's try again.

one of the late mr ahenakew's core tenets was that "jews are a disease".

this is a belief ahenakew shared with a certain late mr hitler and an assortment of mad mullahs, who are, coincidentally... currently hell-bent on destroying western society (see 9/11, 3000 dead).

imho... mr ahenakew, just like mr hitler, does not deserve to be publicly celebrated.

i cannot stop yourself... or anyone else for that matter... from admiring & mourning this vile man, but again, imho... anyone who admires & shares mr ahenakew's views is beneath consideration.

his misogyny and apparent financial misdeeds are just the icing on the cake.

perhaps though, underneath all this blather... you are just attempting to pass on your mother's opinion that... if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"... in which case... i am simply astounded.

please put that in your rainbows & candied unicorns pipe and smoke it.

over, once again, to you.


dupmar said...

..his beliefs pertaining to Jews were an aberration in no way related to his own life experience... but neither do they reflect on his community and it makes no sense and serves no worthy purpose to try to tag his this native community with some "skinhead" qualifier..

as to where Ahenekew may have absorbed such bizarre and hateful beliefs pertaining to people he scarcely knew and didn't interact with, well the only reasonable conclusion I can fathom is that he absorbed it from his immediate environment and there were enough Zundels and Keegstra's running about rural Saskatchewan during his early years imbuing such wisdom as established knowledge...

Neo Conservative said...

"superdupe says... Zundels and Keegstra's running about rural Saskatchewan"

just another unfortunate aboriginal victim of the wiley white man, huh?

of course... poor misunderstood david ahenakew.


Frances said...

Neo - this time, I agree with dupmar. Nil nisi and all that. This is NOT the time to rake up the past. Leave that for a day or two. After all, there are few of us who, on our passing, could not use the charity of others who mention the event.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... this time, I agree with dupmar"

well, frances... that's certainly your right... i just hope you don't imagine that mounting a charm offensive like ol' dupe is gonna make me change my mind anytime soon.

ahenekew was a nasty piece of work... his death doesn't suddenly & magically endow him with any particularly attractive qualities.

think yassir arafat.


Neo Conservative said...

ahenakew update:

here we are... steyn via sda... the point that should have been screaming out at all of us, all along...

"With hindsight, the salient point in the story remains the one I end on - that to his audience his remarks were utterly uncontentious."