23 March 2010

Liberal Pretender Rae hospitalised...

...after sustaining mysterious, massive, penetrating wound... between shoulder blades...

-- OTTAWA -- Liberal attempts to ignite muffled anti-abortion sentiment on Conservative benches and foster doubts about the social policies of Prime Minister Stephen Harper have been foiled from within.

A motion by Liberal MP Bob Rae... was defeated by a vote of 144-138 yesterday when three Liberal MPs – all long-time opponents of abortion – voted against it.
That's gonna leave a mark.



Oh no, Michael... you lose Jane Taber... the ship is truly sinking...
It was a gong show last night in the Commons for Michael Ignatieff and his Liberals; one Liberal MP is even calling it “clown city.”

First, the Liberal motion on the Harper government’s maternal health initiative, aimed at stirring up the Tory bench over reproductive issues, such as abortion, failed. The Grits lost the vote after three of their own MPs opposed it; others abstained and some Liberal MPs, who are pro-life, were told to stay away from the Commons, according to sources.

And so confused were the Liberals after losing their own motion that on the following vote, Chief Opposition Whip Rodger Cuzner mistakenly told some of his MPs to vote with the government. They ended up supporting the Conservatives’ spending plans, which led to much glee and gloating from the government bench.

"I haven't been able to get on the Liblogs site for two hours now. I think with all the scrambling over there they might have broken something. :D
The spirit of Stephane Dion lives on.


Michael Harkov said...

I haven't been able to get on the Liblogs site for two hours now. I think with all the scrambling over there they might have broken something. :D

Neo Conservative said...

“I think the politics is extremely shrewd, very smart. I think it’s exactly the right way to go,” former Paul Martin communications director Scott (Popcorn) Reid said on CBC’s Power and Politics last night.

well... i guess this explains why he's a "former" communications director, huh?

anybody seen iggy this morning?


Anonymous said...

Someone explain to me again how the Conservatives are the dumb hicks who can't organize a two car parade on a one-way street?

Of course, when Harper actually pulls off a political coup, its just another example how devious he is. Must be nice to be a Liberal and have the moral compass that spins like a children's toy in a stiff breeze...

Neo Conservative said...

betcha iggy's gonna think twice before he lets his ol' college roomie steer the bozo-mobile again.

and i'm guessin' the next liberal caucus meeting's gonna look like a bunch of drunk chimps at a salad bar.


marginalizedactiondinosaur said...



That's funny. Guess they were too busy rejoicing about giving Ann Coulter free speech Canadian style to pay attention.

Neo Conservative said...

"mad says... giving Ann Coulter free speech Canadian style"

ah, yes... it's been a bonus day for the demented left, hasn't it?

sending in a semi-hysterical lynch mob... another venerated moonbat strategy.

works especially well when your chief spokes-pinko is a barely literate 19 year-old wannabe jihadi.