22 March 2010

Look... it's another endangered species...

...a Liberal with a conscience...

Many lifelong Liberals, like me, are disgusted with Rae and Dosanjh and their antics. Their agenda is to do whatever they can to attack the Prime Minister and Defence Minister, even if it means tarring the reputation of Canada and the Canadian Forces.

It’s odd, I’ve never heard Rae or Dosanjh expend the same amount of energy on matters related to the deaths of 136 soldiers and diplomats violently killed in Afghanistan. I don’t recall Dosanjh expressing any concerns for detainees when he was a Liberal Minister in the Paul Martin Cabinet that expanded our Afghan mission.

Mr. Rae and Mr. Dosanjh are pretend Liberals looking for the fastest way to the top. They ditched their NDP buddies when they were no longer convenient. Now, they are prepared to ditch the men and women of Afghanistan for their own political ends.

And that, my friends, is the END GAME.
Hey, Bobby...Ujjal... you wanna talk about war crimes? Are you sure about that?
The fact of the matter is that if Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Defence Minister Peter MacKay or General Rick Hillier are guilty of war crimes, then so are the soldiers that carried out those orders. It was established at Nuremberg that, “just following orders” was not a valid defence.

If the members of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition were so confident in their assertions that war crimes occurred, they would be joining Professor Michael Byers from UBC in asking the ICC to investigate Canada.

They don’t for two reasons, firstly to do so would rob them of a weapon to beat the government over head with during question period, secondly, the Liberals are smart enough to realize that the Canadian public would not take kindly to our own politicians accusing our own soldiers of war crimes.

A party that did so would not see power for some time.
Scratch a floor-crossing Dipper... find a snake in the grass.

I wonder if Michael Ignatieff is listening.


Anonymous said...

Iggy signed a coalition with the Leader of the Bloc... and now wants the Bloc members to have access to ALL documents even if it preseents a National Security issue to our soldiers!!
... what are the liberals all about!! giving our Country to a group of people that wants to split it up!!!

Michael Harkov said...

Ignatieff has stated that this issue doesn't necessarily have to be a matter of confidence. It is utterly amazing that Ignatieff believes that the matter of our government allegedly committing "war crimes" doesn't and shouldn't have to be a matter of confidence.

How much of a better rationale can there be for going to the people other than that the government allegedly committed war crimes? There can be no better trigger, it cannot possibly get any better than that. Ignatieff is starting to make Dion look like H And the Hercules. And the Leader of the Official Opposition isn't even in Parliament while all this goes on, choosing instead to promote a "thinkers conference" where his own MPs aren't even invited -


LMAO what a JOKE!

Michael Harkov said...

Whispers suggest that organizers are having trouble filling the 350 slots they need to make the conference a success financially and there's talk of some star participants as no-shows.

Gee, i wonder why? Hahahahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

Come now, we are waiting eagerly for the real fight to begin, the power struggle between Rae and Iggy. (real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

as anybody in ontario who lived through bob rae's disastrous turn in power could tell you... he's very... cough, cough... flexible.


Rich said...

Ighabod may be listening but he won't "get-it" even when it's fully laid out in black and white.
He's spinning in his own universe, oblivious to what really goes on.
IMO...he is detached from reality and functions (in some fashion) only in a narrow abstract setting.
In short, he's out-of-it.
Rae and Dosanjh are dangerous and despicable.