23 March 2010

Spinning Liberal Gold

Screw that whole "personal responsibility" deal... we've got abortions...

The Liberals are stirring the pot by using abortion rights as a wedge issue between their party and the Conservatives. And so far the Tories are falling into their trap.

Opposition strategists believe that every time a Tory says the word “abortion,” it’s gold for the Liberals.

“I think the politics is extremely shrewd, very smart. I think it’s exactly the right way to go,” former Paul Martin communications director Scott Reid said on CBC’s Power and Politics last night.
Yup, of course Scott... Big Mother knows what's best for all of us...
"Umm . . . is discussing allowing teenagers to bugger each other really the business of the Liberal Party?"
Michael Ignatieff & friends... looking out for your teenage sons and, of course... your teenage daughters.


Alberta Girl said...

You mean "shrewd and smart" like "beer and popcorn".

Yeah...the day I listen to Scott Reid pontificating on what is shrewd and smart is the day I vote LIBERAL! lol

Neo Conservative said...

nah, you knuckle-draggin' neocon party-pooper... you just gotta give iggy a chance.

more teenage sodomy... lots more strippers... and state-funded abortions for all!!!

what's not to like?


jwkozak91 said...

Neo, you neglected to mention "Canadian Standards Council" (CSC)-certified vibrators and dildos.

Neo Conservative said...

been there... done that.


maryT said...

Motion failed, 3 liberals voted against it and 6 abstained. And 22 members were missing, including some female liberals.
Motion backfired big time, it was a whipped vote. Instead of the story being about conservatives blah, it is, iggy loses control of caucus, libs vote against their own motion.
Wonder what beer/popcorn will say now.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... iggy loses control of caucus, libs vote against their own motion."

betcha that's not the way it's played on cbc & ctv.