18 March 2010

"That a single citizen..."

"...[Mr. Warman] is the largest sole user of a legal procedure for 10 years is newsworthy in itself. It also makes it impossible to scrutinize the CHRC's conduct without scrutinizing Mr. Warman's conduct, as they are largely one and the same on this issue."

Mr. Levant's affidavit states that he has no interest in personal information, and that Mr. Warman "has disclosed only a limited number of records relating to his own statement of claim, and almost no records relating to other matters pleaded in my statement of defence."

Those other matters relate to Mr. Warman's use of false personas as part of his hate-speech investigations.


langmann said...

Ezra Levant is a largely unrecognized Canadian hero.

Neo Conservative said...

ezra's book "shakedown" should be required reading for every high school student in canada.

i'd be proud to have him as my member of parliament".