20 March 2010

Compare & Contrast

Conservative MP loses temper at airport staff... result: -- month long "sky is falling" rampage by opposition parties & print, radio & television media.

Liberal Senator charged with fraud over $5,000, breach of trust and obstruction of justice -- buried in back pages of dead tree broadsheet.

Funny how that works, huh?

(h/t langmann)



"Liberals stealing money from the taxpayer. Nothing new, ho hum. Not even newsworthy anymore."
Maybe he just couldn't get by on that paltry Senate salary.


langmann said...

Liberals stealing money from the taxpayer. Nothing new, ho hum. Not even newsworthy anymore.

Neo Conservative said...

enough about theft from taxpayers... what about that guy with his bottle of tequila?


Anonymous said...

O K I am not allowed this tequila, so pour it out in front of me, Why is this National News? Stealing Millions from each and everyone of us is like ho-hum, the MSM are such an anal bunch of libby-toadys.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

That's nothing, Svend Robinson was a convicted thief from a video that proved he lifted a $60'000.00 item and denied it for 2 days until it was too late to continue the charade.
The NDP via Libby Davies had coddled Svend on the TV news and even after that Court Conviction it was the NDP that welcomed him back to run for the MP seat in B.C. .
Svend preached about Social justice and equality for all,but that was befor he was hauled befor a Judge to see how Black Youth get treated for lesser crimes.
Alas....he used the "Homophobia" defence that made him snap and choose to become a crook.
He got Probation which no Black kid would have ever been lucky enough to get for the same crime.

langmann said...

When Jaffer got off likely based on technical reasons of improper search, I said that this happens when people hire one of the billion attorneys and legal aid organizations available. Nothing new.

So much in fact that its also good enough to get pedophiles off.

Who cares though its just a pedophile. Jaffer, a long ago booted ex Conservative is the big deal. Problems with the justice system where pedophiles get a few months (and get to keep their kid), and rapists get conditional discharges is not an issue to Canada's media.

Neo Conservative said...

you'll notice that liberal mp john mccallum is keeping well away from this fray.

john who, you ask?

c'mon, you know... the guy who was so drunk the airplane staff refused to let him board the plane.


Anonymous said...

C'ommmon man, fraud is a petty crime for a liberal. Now a real crime is a persecuted conservative losing their cool.. (real conservative)