30 March 2010

Road to China's economic miracle...

...is paved with... oh... my... gawd...

-- BEIJING -- Bodies of 21 babies have been discovered in plastic bags in a river in eastern China and authorites suspect they were dumped there by local hospitals, state media reported Tuesday.

An initial investigation showed that eight of the 21 babies wore identification tags on their feet tracing them back to Jining Medical College Hospital in Shandong province, the according to the People’s Daily Web site.

The other 13 were unidentified.
I got nothin'.


Anonymous said...

Can I ask the glaringly, obvious questions, were these full term infants and what was the cause of death? Gender? FernStAlbert

Neo Conservative said...

sure... you can ask.

i just hope you're not naive enough to expect an answer.


JA Goneaux said...

Well, this seems like a waste. I mean, if they are shooting "criminals" and harvesting the organs, why not here? Since they have not ethical argument against it, I guess we could file this one under "don't give them any ideas..."

Neo Conservative said...

jag... don't expect any of this to make sense.

i've heard that foreign (aka devil barbarian) adoptive parents of chinese baby girls have to sign a pledge about having them raised to be respectful of their cultural background.

the way i see it... you sell off human beings like they were cheap plastic lawn furniture... you don't get to dictate their future anymore.