27 March 2010

Entitled to his "Entitlements"

A rose by any other name...

The company hired Wallding International Inc., a lobbying firm then headed by former Liberal cabinet minister David Dingwall. A routine audit “uncovered evidence” of a contingency fee — paid upon successfully securing a contract.
Geez... that's not what the Rizzuto's would call it.
Dingwall could not be reached for comment Friday.
Yeah... I'm shocked.


Blame Crash said...

Could it be because he's at the Dinkers Cornyference?

maryT said...

For being un-invited, then invited, a lot of liberal mps sure showed up. Too bad they didn't show up to work and vote on their own motion, or the budget. Could it be there was no free booze in the HofC.
Or was it because no one else showed up. Where are the younger generation in the crowd. Lots of grey hair in the mix.
Instead of money, the speakers are receiving a donation of 50.00 to a charity-HIPPY- that is run by a liberal wannabe mp- Is this a sneaky way to fund her campaign. They expect to donate 2500.00 to her cause.
Will they issue tax receipts.

maryT said...

Does Dingwall have to repay this money or the company he worked for.
Hope it is him.

Anonymous said...

When are conservatives going to start really digging into liberal and NDP corruption anyways? For everything they find on us there has to be 100x for them? Somebody needs to wake up Harper.. guess he really doesn't want a majority does he? (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Dingwall hoovers large bucks under the table for letting a contract. He scoops $200,000. The contract was a greatly unfavourable package for the Government, as well as for all Canadians.

This was a 10-year deal for sole-supply production of flu vaccine. Somehow it appears that the Ministry of Public works was involved.

1.) How long before the libranos raise a hue and cry for a Dingwall lynching, a la Mulroney. The monies in question seem almost identical sums?

2.) How long before the libranos recant their earlier rantings and lies about the current government's alleged recent mishandling of flu-shot acquisition, in the face of an anticipated "pandemi?" Their allegations were that it seemed to be Harper's fault that we were locked into an ironclad, airtight single flu-shot supply monopoly. Engineered by a corrupt, selfish and uncaring sell-out.

3.) How long before the government launches a full blown investigation. house and senate commissions, turning up every rock, to unearth ALL the rot left behind by the libranos?

4.) How long before Dingwall, his Party,and whoever assisted, enabled and/or covered on this file, get charged with at least "reckless endangerment," and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, calling for the harshest penalties, sanctions and judgements against Dingwall and whatever other perps are inolved?

5.) How long before a decent conservative lawyer takes up a class action suit against Dingwal and the rest cited above, on behalf of families who lost loved ones in that time of crisis?

6.) How long before "Entitlement Dave" Dingwall gets stripped of all his ill-gotten gains, including the million dollar settlement, and is reduced to the state of an ex-con, penniless beggar, hustling street corners for cash?

"Hey buddy, can you spare some loose change for a pack of gum?"

7.) How long before this sort of criminality is treated accurately and honestly by the MSM. Even when the culprits are libranos - be they provincial as well as federal?

BTW: This 1/4 page deep story is buried on page 13, with large photo of a vial of flu vaccine front and center, taking up most of the lineage, in Saturday's G&M. way behind pages 8 and 9 coverage of librano Thinkgate, in the city where one of the greatest librano Thinkgates occurred scant years earlier, when they coronated some nebbish who once had a white dog, and Ky-O-to was his name-o.

Side questions: for discussion or investigation: Who ran the Supplies and Services and Public Works back then. Was Chuck Guite still around? Alphonso? Why does the leadership of the sierra club excoriate Conserv. government on "Copenhagen" yet for 13 long years, sucked up to the librano Kyoto environmentgate failure B.S.?

just thot I'd ask.


t.e.& o.e.

Neo Conservative said...

"tj asks... How long before the libranos recant their earlier rantings and lies..."

a chilly day in a very bad place... is my guess.


maryT said...

And the liberals have the gall to move a motion for contempt of parliament against PMSH. Can one move a motion for past actions of liberals that were not only contempt for parliament but contempt for the voters and taxpayers of Canada

Anonymous said...

Fuck off, maryt. Don't you have grandhildren to abuse?

maryT said...

LS, not nice to see you back.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... LS, not nice to see you back."

making... yet again... his compassionate, intellectual, socialist brethren so proud.

simply amazing.


langmann said...

neo: a chilly day in a very bad place... is my guess.

Yeah it never seems to get quite that cold in the Ottawa press gallery...