11 March 2010

Remember how Dalton promised...

...his HST was gonna save us all that money...

More than 1,250 Ontario tax collectors will get a severance package worth up to $45,000 each despite the fact they won’t be losing their jobs.

The move, part of the province’s plan to harmonize sales taxes with Ottawa, will see the provincial collectors become federal employees, triggering a payout critics said amounted to tens of thousands of dollars to change business cards.
Funny how that works, huh?


Rich said...

As a rough estimate....it's only about $50 MILLION dollars.
Sheesh....picky people. (sarc off)
Absolutely mind numbing in its stupidity.

Anonymous said...

That's a bag off money AND they now get Rememberance Day off to boot as a Federal Holiday.

This Pyramid scam will one day become an Inverted-Pyramid where the Apex load sits on the Taxpayers back to crush us into pieces. Toronto already has a Operating Budget with about 85% going to Salaries and Benefits before any Tangible services are meted out to the Taxpayers.
Miller tries to tell us that he's angry with Toronto being short-changed by Harper when Toronto only gets back a small % of the tax money sent to Ottawa,but Toronto taxpayers know exactly how it feels and share Millers' pain because for every Dollar I send to City Hall I only get .15 cents back in actual services.

The Grey Lady said...

More than 1,250 Ontario parasitic TAX EATERS, will get a severance package worth up to $45,000 each despite the fact they won’t be losing their jobs.

There I fixed that for you.

The Grey Lady said...

Absolutely one should cheer every time that our hard earned dollars are wasted by any government. It is a badge of honour to have funds seized from ones wallet to support some government official and his voting block. Taking my family's money to buy votes from people who whore themselves to fill their wallet at my expense. Hip hip whore-aye.

sanwin said...

The sad reality is that the average brain dead voter will relect Dalton and his bunch of thieves in a years time.

We deserve what we get.

Neo Conservative said...

these guys will be doing the same jobs... in the same offices... and dalton will give them 6 months extra salary.

what else is in the fiberal bag-o-tricks?

remember... friends don't let friends vote liberal.


Neo Conservative said...


the sheeple might be waking up.