29 March 2010

UPDATE: Guy Earle trial

No big surprise here...pretend court... pretend judge... what's an actual honest-to-goodness lawyer gonna do...
"I find this difficult because of my obligation as a lawyer to the courts. In 30 years of practice I've never been in a situation like this," said Miller, packing up his law bags.

"This is high-handed. I can't consent to it. I'd be consenting to an illegal process, so I have to leave."
More here.


UPDATE: It's not a legal procedure...

...it's a clusterfuck on mescaline
"I sat in the waiting room for a few minutes, as a Human Rights Tribunal employee explained that the room was full and that only those who had a “number” would be allowed in."

"How would one go about getting a number? He didn’t know. How appropriately Kafkaesque."
Dave's not here, man.


"These two women weren't being denied a job, health care, apartment or the right to adopt a dog. They screwed with a professional comedian and got their butts handed to them at a small club."
But, apparently, in Canada... hurt feelings equals big cash payout.


LAST WORD: We have the jurisprudence
"I'm not a lawyer but I'm pretty sure that ain't legal. Maybe they'll make Guy move to whatever jurisdiction they find him guilty in - say Germany circa 1938."
Shshhhh... don't give them any more ideas.