23 March 2010

The next book on my list

There are plenty of disappointing books out there... but Mrs Neo has been reading me snippets from "Happy Birthday or Whatever" by Annie Choi.

Annie's the real deal and I just felt I had to share...

I was going to have the best birthday ever.

It would start with a parade — a dizzying spectacle of floats, prancing palominos, and the country’s loudest marching bands. There would be troupes of mimes and contortionists, foul-mouthed drag queens, and a man juggling little girls on fire.

Monkeys dressed in powder blue tuxedos would throw candy and tiny bottles of whiskey to the hordes of my fans lined up along Sixth Avenue.
That's how it starts off... but the real meat & potatoes is her take on family.

Not to be missed.


Kai said...

That was hilarious. that woman has a good talent for wordsmithing. I may just have to pick up a copy of that book.

Neo Conservative said...

an authentic voice... and an amazing, laugh out loud sense of humour.