24 March 2010

Remember Davis Inlet?

Apparently none of the folks who used to live there do...

After a “chaotic” public meeting in Natuashish that drew hundreds, a vote on lifting the troubled community’s controversial alcohol ban was set for Friday.

The turnout Tuesday in the remote Innu community, which exceeded participation in the recent band council elections, suggested just how deep feelings go on either side of the issue. The meeting ran more than four hours and laid bare the rancour dividing the Northern Labrador community.

“It was a chaotic meeting, people were shouting back and forth,” said Mr. Poker, the former chief and staunch advocate of the ban. “People were drunk. At the meeting some people were stepping to the microphone, screaming and shouting the way drunk people do.”
Somebody remind me... what did it cost Canadian taxpayers to pick up the 725 residents of Davis ("ghastly social problems and substance abuse") Inlet and move them to their "fresh start" paradise?

Live and don't learn... that's us.


Meadowlark PC Repair said...

Giving the new community a name that rhymed with hashish wasn't exactly an auspicious start to the endeavor.

Neo Conservative said...

"mpcr says... a name that rhymed with hashish"

call me wacky... but i'm thinkin' you could have called this place "tee-totalling virginville" and it wouldn't have made a whit of difference.


the mayor of shitfacedidiotburg said...

Yet I cna't help feeling that the name of the place has an influence.