16 June 2009

Remember when you were a kid...

...and you'd settle a schoolyard beef by trying to sever someone's aorta?

An 18-year-old is in hospital with serious stab wounds after a fight broke out at a Markham high school this morning.

The teen was on the ground suffering from a serious stab wound to the upper chest, sources at the scene said.
Yeah... me neither.



As many as four people have been stabbed at a Mississauga school this morning. St. Joseph's Secondary School, near Creditview Rd. and Eglinton Ave., has been placed under lockdown while police investigate the 8:30 a.m. incident.

It appears students were involved in an altercation on school property, Peel Regional Police said. At least one victim was transported to hospital via air ambulance.

Police are looking for multiple suspects.

POSTSCRIPT: Seems Mayor Miller's knife ban...

...is gonna need a little tune up...
An elderly man was found murdered in a west end apartment this morning after a man allegedly confessed to his killing at a downtown homeless shelter.

Toronto Police say they were called to the Good Shepherd hostel on Queen St. just east of Parliament St. around 11 a.m. after 23-year-old man "confessed" to a brother the slaying of a man believed to be 72.

The man directed officers to the grisly scene soon after, police claim.


MIkhael said...

Fun discussion at The Star re: today's robbery at a pharmacy in Toronto


James Higham said...

Toronto - hotbed of crime.

Neo Conservative said...

well, james... like any other large city, i guess there are hotspots.

i was in toronto earlier today, more specifically don mills, and it was just fine.

otoh... there are places where the cops don't travel alone.

no guarantees, of course... the pharmacy robbery was in rosedale... one of the toniest parts of the city.


MrEd said...

I guess the perp didn't get enough hugs and kisses growing up or he would have been a nice young man if raised by a fedral daycare system

Neo Conservative said...

ed... you must mean dalton mcslippery's latest bout of taxpayer funded social engineering, right?

Full-day kindergarten got a halfway funding promise from Premier Dalton McGuinty yesterday.

But where the second half of the billion-dollar price tag will come from, where the programs will start and how long before the entire province gets it are all being left unanswered.

"We're going to take the summer to figure out the best way to invest a half-billion dollars," McGuinty said yesterday, promising to spend $200 million in 2010 and another $300 million in 2011.

"It's enough for a great start."

ah... problem solved.