28 March 2010

Rhymes with Think-a-palooza

Iggy's very bad week... just splashed right into the crapper...

-- MONTREAL -- The federal Liberal party is “in danger of losing its soul” in terms of how it approaches the world, former Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler charged Sunday, ripping the party for pandering to special interests that harm its foreign policy and international reputation.

In a presentation he acknowledged was “blunt” and “rude,” Fowler said “it seems that Liberals today don’t stand for much in the way of principle.
Oh, man... those are pretty hurtful words.

Do I smell a "Human Rights" complaint?


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...decides that's not the really important thing...
"Robert Fowler attacks Ottawa’s inaction in Africa"

LAST WORD: Diagnosis: "Ivy Retardation"

So Michael... where exactly does it hurt?
The first disadvantage of an elite education, as I learned in my kitchen that day, is that it makes you incapable of talking to people who aren’t like you.

I’m not talking about curricula or the culture wars, the closing or opening of the American mind, political correctness, canon formation, or what have you. I’m talking about the whole system in which these skirmishes play out.
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langmann said...

First off, the Liberals need to get back to their classical liberalism roots: free enterprise, free markets, private property etc. What have they given me lately that I would ever vote for them? They don't trust law abiding citizens ie: - gun registry. The remnents of their theft of Canadian taxpayer money still stinks up the joint regardless of how the media tries to ignore it. They killed the military for years - one of the few public services that actually does anything.

The only good thing they ever did was balance the budget and not run it amok.

If they got back to those roots, I would vote for them. I'm tired of the bible thumpers and socons that occasionally run amok in the Conservative party and having to apologize for them.

I actually often wonder if Iggy doesn't from time to time look beside him at Boob Rae and Dosanjh, then look accross the isle in the HoC and think, "man I should be sitting over there". I think he picked the wrong party to end up in, and between his poor leadership, Harper's ability to manipulate any storm, and the Liberal sink into the left wing alleyway, the party is in dire need of revision in order to be relevant again.

Neo Conservative said...

i guess... like the old song says... "every refuge has it's price".


Anonymous said...

Paul Martin has this unearned reputation as a great Finance minister and the Liberal Party as good at balancing the budget. They just dumped all the hard choices onto the provincial and municipal level. Plus the Liberals reaped the benefits of NAFTA and the G.S.T. after campaigning against them.

Anyway as a more libertarian Conservative I agree that I would like policy to be less geared towards the social conservatives.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... just dumped all the hard choices onto the provincial and municipal level"

that's funny... isn't that what all the demented lefties are always screaming about mike "the knife" harris?

funny how that works, huh?


kursk said...

Absolutely..The Liberals 'balanced' the budget by gutting the military, decreasing transfers to the provinces and illegally raiding the E.i. fund.

It's truly amazing how many promises the Liberals made(and then broke) to get elected.Time after time.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... if only the compassionate, intellectual liberal party... could get back to its roots.


langmann said...

Hey I am not happy about the pillaging of the military or the EI tax game that Martin used.

However his cuts to the provinces were not necessarily a bad thing. They could also learn a thing or two about making some decisions about what is necessary and what is gravy or social spending waste.

Anonymous said...

Liberals and free enterprise? We all know Liberal contempt for the small business person, the self employed and to a lesser extent business professionals. The only business the liberals ever liked was honking big business especially the political donations. You reap what you sow. (real conservative)

wilson said...

Were you happy about the millions Liberals stole from Canadian taxpayers to line the pockets of the LPC with secret slush funds and Adscam?

Were you happy about the Liberal demonization of the right, Ralph Klein and Alberta for wanting to reform healthcare?

Were you happy with George Bush dolls being stomped on and 'soldiers in our streets'?

Were you happy with Liberals rallying with Hezbolla and fund raising for the Tamil Tigers?

What were you happy about from 1993-2005?
Because I can not for the life of me think of one thing Liberals accomplished that wasn't to demonize the right,
or push forward Dipper platforms.

maryT said...

The first thing the liberals have to do is not allow all those mps with years of corruption behind them to run again. No matter who the leader is, as long as the Hedy's, Goodale's, Bennets etc get elected with him/her, they are toast.
Even out of office they cause problems, Dingwall, Rock, to name two.

David Thomson said...

"Anyway as a more libertarian Conservative I agree that I would like policy to be less geared towards the social conservatives."


What amazes me is that the CPC and the LPC all try to get the support of the Jews, the Muslims, the Sikhs and the Hindus, when in fact they need to be going after the atheists. We make up more of the population then these groups combined.

Neo Conservative said...

just watched ctv news, in the person of owl-ly oliver, try make this all about fowler taking the conservatives to task.

a single mention of criticism of the liberals... and they were off to the races.

what a joke.


maryT said...

Guess he hasn't heard of blogs, or newsprint stories telling us the truth.
Sort of like CNN saying dozens maybe showed up in Nevada yesterday, with shots showing the thousands that did show up.
And they wonder why they are losing viewers.
One should visit BLY and read the comment left by Bruce, listing all the scandals and missing money etc of the liberals for the past several years, going back to Petrocan. And those sealed documents for 50 yrs involving the scam.
And liberals and the media think we have forgotten.

langmann said...

@ Wilson:

relax dude, I'm not happy about any of those things. I hate the Liberal party with the passion of someone who once voted Liberal quite a while ago and who realizes that all the happy-joy-joy taught in high school social studies is BS.

If you read my first post you'll see.

The only credit I give them is cutting back on transfers to provinces. They never would have gotten away with that if it were not for the Reform party rightfully pushing for fiscal management of the deficit.

What I am saying is the Liberals need to get back to the true classical liberalism roots where they once a long time ago (before any of us were around) stood for free markets, free trade, and trusted the average guy to make his own decisions.

The only time I'll ever vote for them again is if they did that, and allowed us to ATC/CCW too.