30 March 2010

Easy guys... don't pull a think muscle

Hanoi Jane & her BFF Iggy... swing for the fence...

The opposition focus today is on the slap down by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the Conservative government’s failure to invite other Nordic nations to yesterday’s Arctic summit.
Oh, good grief... even the guy she's been married to for decades... doesn't take "Shrillary" this seriously... maybe because she's just as slick & slippery as he is.

So, Michael... policy-wise... we're gonna stick with, "I'm not Stephen Harper."

Hope you've got a Plan B.


UPDATE: Tonight's CTV Moonbat Moment

Count Floyd & chief Iggy cheerleader Bob Fife seem to have done a 180... and suddenly decided that bringing Canadian troops home by the 2011 deadline is a bad thing. They don't come right out & say that... but the inference is as subtle as an ice-cold toilet seat. They even brought in a British spokesman to say that Canadians should stay.

Apparently it's okay to kowtow to an American president as long as it's Barack Obama. And that Hillary Clinton? She's just one straight-talkin' (translation: she's demanding the Canadian government support abortion on demand) gal.

Amazing... they don't even pretend not to have an agenda.


Hinchey's Store said...

Plan B = Harvard.

Neo Conservative said...

iggy keeps on screwing up like he did last week... plan b might be the "agricultural institute of upper lesotho".

come to think of it, they could probably find a spot for hillary.

talk about happily ever after.


The_Iceman said...

I thought it was a G8 Summit. I counted 8 foreign ministers. Who wasn't invited, and didn't Hillary see the guest list before he came here? If it was so important to have the "Nordic nations", I'm sure the PM would have picked up the phone last week had Hillary bothered to place a call.

Neo Conservative said...

hillary just has to constantly generate buzz if she wants to be the dem candidate in the next election... and boy does she want it bad.

every night she goes to bed hoping president mcdreamy gets hit by a bolt of lightning.


maryT said...

Doesn't she know, it was just a right wing conspiracy-oh oh, that was the Monica thing.
Then she has the nerve to ask (order) us to stay in Afghan.
What a loser.