27 March 2010

So now the lawyer for the defense...

...is suddenly pointing to a "conspiracy of silence" within the black community...

"There are many people within the community where Jordan Manners grew up that know exactly what happened on that day."
Now that sounds like a fairly definitive allegation.

But, if he knows who killed Jordan Manners, or even knows people who have knowledge of this murder... (and I'm assuming he's not talking about his own client)... why wouldn't he share that knowledge with police?

Or is this guy just showboating for the media?

Criminal lawyers. How do they sleep at night?


Anonymous said...

The whole thing stinks,I wnt to know how a gun shot can go off in the hallway of a school and nobody heard it,plus...suddenly Jordan's finds him and holds hin dearly as he beelds to death.
All this while every classroom door was shut and not a peep heard by any of them. Then, while the Media waa focused on his Mother's anger for why the 9-11 repsonse took over 30 minutes......I was outraged that it took almost 14 years for her to vist a school her son went to only to ID the body and weep for the Media on cue.

langmann said...

I don't know, neo, this case sounds pretty weak... basically based upon testimony from two teenage girls who later changed their story.

Then this whole 1 particle of gunshot residue sounds so fishy.

But the unanswered question of how no-one heard or saw anything just makes one wonder if these people are all getting the justice they deserve.

Someone knows who the real killers are, and I don't want to hear about root causes anymore. The people involved own this problem.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... testimony from two teenage girls who later changed their story."

the amazing thing here, is that the girls came forward at all... talking to the cops is a huge, well... let's call it "an anomaly" within the, uh... community. if either one of them turns up dead anytime in the near future... let's just say no one will be overly surprised.

in all of the grief over jordan manner's murder... and hey, love that grade 8 grad picture... people tend to overlook that he was nobody's angel. go back to the interviews of his fellow students at c.w.j. and that becomes blindingly obvious. on the same day he was gunned down... him and his buddies were shooting fireworks (bottle rockets) at each other in the strip mall parking lot at sentinel & finch. it's a miracle nobody was immolated.

and no... nobody's saying he deserved the death penalty but, let's get real here... you wanna flirt with the bangers in the jane finch corridor, don't be too surprised you catch a little stray ordinance.

sorry... just the facts.