22 March 2010

Yes Lydia, of course...

...that makes perfect sense...Usually these teenage gangbanger killings are so carefully reasoned out.


UPDATE: Judge addresses "code of silence"

-- TORONTO -- The judge presiding over the Jordan Manners trial has directed the Crown to investigate two key prosecution witnesses who disavowed their original statements to police.

Y.M. and S.D. "undermined the process" said Judge Nordheimer.
The only surprise here is that the two witnesses offered to testify in the first place... a virtually unheard of sin within "the community."


langmann said...

Yeah but it sounds like the Crown has done a poor job of providing definitive proof (albeit all I know if news reports).

I want the right people to go to jail - forever.

However federal stats predict that 30% of violent offenders are caught and convicted within 5 years of another offence (the number of offenses undiscovered is obviously higher), so I guess we'll find out one way or another...

Neo Conservative said...

awfully hard to prosecute these killings given the rigid "code of silence" within "the community".

jordan's cute grade eight picture notwithstanding.... funny how the manners family seems to be hip deep in these sorts of events.

but hey... don't we already know who to blame here?

"The report is a damning indictment," he told reporters. "Mike Harris must admit he did wrong and apologize."


langmann said...

Naturally. The only suprise is that GW BushChimpHitler wasn't more to blame.

Or maybe it goes without saying.

Neo Conservative said...

seems like "the community" just wants to live by their own rules.