29 March 2010

"It's just not fair!!!"

Once again, the raucous rallying cry of the demented socialist loon...

The Renton colony has been harassed for the past half-dozen years by a pair of eagles that heron-watchers have dubbed Bonnie and Clyde.

"Herons have thin legs and sleek bodies. They're built for wading in shallow water and grabbing small marine animals," Krom said.

"Eagles have big, hooded bills and enormous talons with tremendous strength. They're built for ripping and shredding."

"Herons have no chance against an eagle."
Now... I'm sure that if the local rabbit population could talk, they'd say the same thing about the neighbourhood coyotes.

Unfortunately for the herons, rabbits and Seattle treehuggers... that's not how nature... or the world we live in... works.

So sorry, Peace Moonbeam... you can huff and you can puff... but no amount of rules & regulations are gonna level out all of life's many inequalities.


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"I'm not homophobic or anti-lesbian," said Mr. Earle, in an interview. "I'm anti-heckler."
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"North Korea Leads the Way!!!"
Way to Go, Dear Leader!


Chris said...

Who weeps for the small marine animals viciously grabbed by these lithe, sleek herons?

Neo Conservative said...

it's the song that never ends.