25 March 2010

You learn something every day

For instance, I had no idea whatsoever... they had a law school at the "University of Green Eggs & Ham"...

"The lawyer for one of the men charged with killing an innocent passerby on Toronto's Yonge Street two years ago said Thursday it was bar staff and the co-accused who were responsible for the shooting tragedy — not his client."

"Outside the bar Paredes admitted pulling a gun from his waistband and firing, though he insists he did not mean to kill the passerby. He said he was firing at the bouncers who had ejected him from the club."
Oh, okay... case dismissed.


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...all is forgiven...
-- TORONTO -- “The Crown will say he was wearing his jacket in an odd way to conceal a gun. Not everyone gives up sucking their thumb as a toddler ... he wore his jacket this way to hide the fact he sucked his thumb,” Woodcock’s lawyer Anthony Robins said.

Woodcock’s DNA was found on one of the guns used in the shootout. Robins admits Woodcock is no angel and has a criminal record for trafficking cocaine.


jwkozak91 said...

Breaking news, Neo:

Mistrial declared in the Jordan Manners case (CTV-NewsChannel).

Neo Conservative said...

heart of multi-culti canuckistan... i'm actually surprised they didn't acquit.

no such thing as a bad boy anymore, my friend.