15 February 2010

Former Kahnawake council chief...

...repudiates community's repugnant "ethnic cleansing" initiative...

"No one's going to tell me who I can bring into my house and who I go to bed with," said the 66-year-old Mr. Delisle, who is ready to challenge the expulsions as a Canadian human-rights violation.

"Just because I'm a Mohawk doesn't exclude me from the Charter," he said. "I'm still Canadian."

"And I think this is an injustice. It's a racial slur."
Well, Alvin... it shouldn't be too hard to make your case... even the architects of this vile policy acknowlege the stark reality of their actions...
As news of the band council's action emerged, its political press attaché, Joe Delaronde, was on the defensive. "We sound like a bunch of Nazis here."
Yes, my friend... you do.


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Neo Conservative said...

it should be noted that, like alvin delisle, not everyone in the community is on board with the latest iteration of the mohawk's "ethnic cleansing" policy...

"'When [non-natives] come live here, they're not doing it to take away from the community. They come here because they fall in love with somebody and with the community,' said Steve Bonspiel, editor of the community newspaper The Eastern Door. 'They learn our traditions, our ways, and some learn our language'."

In an editorial last week, Mr. Bonspiel noted that most Mohawks on the reserve already have mixed ancestry.

"'Destructive behaviour, such as targeting those deemed 'unfit' to live here and terrorizing good people, doesn't help the community and will not make life better,' he wrote. 'Putting away drug dealers, child and spousal abusers and targeting organized crime would be a step in the right direction'."



Neo Conservative said...

it should be noted that that i'm a raging liar. of course, being unemployed and an alcoholic, it's hard for me to fill my days with anything other than my own bullshit.

i'd sue myself for libeling myself but how do you sue a pseudonym?


Neo Conservative said...

gotta love it... liberal supporter/canadian cynic has now dropped another dozen forged comments into the comment threads like the one above @11:41.

why is it that so many of these silly little boys imagine they're fooling anybody with childish tactics like this?

trouble is... i'm not sure i can lower my expectations any more than they currently are.

poor little dumb bunny hasn't even noticed that he's using the wrong profile picture.