08 June 2007

Battle of Fromelles

A century later, a sad legacy...

Archaeologists believe they have found a mass grave of British and Australian troops killed in World War I.

They say there is "compelling" evidence that the bodies of up to 400 soldiers remain near the site of the Battle of Fromelles in northern France.

The discovery by Glasgow University's Centre for Battlefield Archaeology is the largest of its kind.
An interesting note...
Hitler, then aged 27, served as a corporal with the 6th Bavarian reserve regiment in the battle.

Dr Pollard said: "It makes you think how the course of history could have changed if one bullet had gone astray."

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kursk said...

With the way Germany was going post first war, with the many nationalist Freikorps and communist factions battling for control of the streets, Someone very much like Hitler would have appeared if Hitler had himself not been there..

Neo Conservative said...

i guess someone is always there to "seize the moment"


Anonymous said...

Actually, in the fall of 1914 Hitler was in action with his unit in Belgium, faced off against a British unit that included a young soldier named Ronald Colman, who went on to become a major movie star. Imagine a parallel world in which Hitler was killed by a movie star.