22 June 2007

Subsidising the Driftwood Crips

It's not enough that the government pays their rent... now we get to pay their lawyers...

A Superior Court judge rebuked the Crown and ordered it to pay $27,000 in legal costs to alleged gang members for failing to have timely bail hearings after the massive Project Kryptic bust last week.

Nordheimer dismissed an application to release the nine suspects "because it's not responsible or reasonable" to do so. But he criticized the lack of financial and personnel resources for bail hearings after massive police operations such as Project Kryptic that targeted the Driftwood Crips in the Jane-Finch area.

The nine will receive $3,000 apiece from the order.

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John W said...

"If resources are applied to the front end of the process (policing), then it has to be applied to the back end of that process,"

So if I was a poor gangbanger with no cash and I am in jail because 'the man' got extra funding for the 'the pigs' and I got busted then you better get my ass back on the streets fast cause I 'm a victim...


Neo Conservative said...

this just reinforces what they've known all their lives... single mother, no dads, free housing, free food bank, violence is a solution, selling drugs is a career choice... and the man will pick up the tab if you get caught.

Anonymous said...

The Judge should be fired!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The court costs should come out of Dalton McGuinty's pay raise.

spike said...

think about what you just said.
it still comes out of our pockets i believe.
nice precedent this idiot started. can hardly wait for the flood gates to open. justice surly is blind in this province.

John W said...

TORONTO, June 22 /CNW/ - Mayor David Miller today convened the first meeting of his advisory panel on Making a Safe City Safer..

"ensuring alignment of the investments in the priority neighbourhoods"

Gotta admit they are taking this seriously now...I mean it was just like yesterday when...oh wait read it.

"Yesterday, in what is widely believed to be a precedent-setting first, a Toronto police officer was qualified by a judge as an expert witness in street gangs and allowed to give evidence."

Christie Blatchford -
Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The headline for Blatchford's piece was .. The 'g' word makes court appearance

Now if only they could work on saying the "J" word.

Anonymous said...

The point is that we are supposed to live in a state governed by laws. The law states that upon release a person MUST be given a bail hearing within 24 hours ; the law also states that the Crown can APPLY to have the bail hearing adjourned for NO MORE THAN 3 DAYS. These men had there bail hearings adjourned for up to 1 MONTH after their arrests. This is a blatant violation of the law, the order made by the Justice of the Peace to adjourn the bail hearing for longer than 3 days is beyond his power. So these men where illegally detained.

Section 10 c of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms states “Everyone has the right on arrest or detention to have the validity of the detention determined by way of habeas corpus and to be released if the detention is not lawful”. So if a detention is found to be illegal a court has the authority to release the prisoner from custody.

It was for these reasons that these men were ordered to have their bail hearings commence immediately. In addition, these men where awarded costs for their applications for Habeas Corpus because a person should not have to bring an application to force the government to comply with the law.

Now, if you guys are comfortable living in a country where the government can illegally detain you then you have a problem. You should celebrate this decision regardless of how you feel about the beneficiaries of the decision. The law is to apply to all equally, and one day of liberty lost can never be recovered.

Anonymous said...

Most talk about justice and the law, but there is nothing wrong with the law or the justace system. It's police procedure, political hand wringing and public ignorance that fuels this cycle.

These men (not gangbangers, drug dealers or what ever...MEN) had there bail hearings adjourned for up to 1 MONTH after their arrests, which is in violation OF THE LAW. These men were ILLEGALLY withheld.

In another case, a man accused of murder was aquitted because police ILLEGALLY obtained wire taps that were thrown out as evidance, which was the crown's bread and butter in the case.

Don't blame polititians, don't blame this country's laws or judges...point the fingers where it REALLY belongs...on the police and fear ridden, voting subburban public