27 June 2007

Land of Misfit Toys

Iran, one of the largest oil exporters in the world, has started to ration gasoline in response to a possible blockade of the country in retaliation for it's hardline stance on developing nuclear weapons.

And unlike here in Canada, citizens aren't shy about showing their displeasure.

At least one petrol station has been set on fire in the Iranian capital, Tehran, after the government announced fuel rationing for private motorists.

Iranians were given only two hours' notice of the move that limits private drivers to 100 litres of fuel a month.

Despite its huge energy reserves Iran lacks refining capacity, forcing it to import about 40% of its petrol.
I'm thinking... if you're awash in oil billions and you still can't manage to refine enough gasoline to keep your own citizens on the road... maybe you really shouldn't be foolin' around with nuclear fission.

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