20 June 2007

The new Battle of Britain

More socialist insanity...

The leaders of two major Canadian universities have added their voices to growing international opposition to a boycott of Israeli universities being considered by a British academic union.
Yeah... maybe we can take a page from that bright, shining, uber-democratic Palestinian model, huh?

Let's fight this "creeping sharia" before it's too late.
"We can't be complacent about challenges to freedom of speech, freedom of collaboration. Why would you sit back passively and wait until it is a fait accompli?"


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Anonymous said...

The Islamic Republik of Britain.

Anonymous said...

"The attempt by one group of scholars to stifle the views of another is an affront to modern society, and must be condemned wherever it arises"

Ummmm, unless that one group is questioning Al Gore and his AGW cabal. THEY'RE CRACKPOTS and should be dismissed out of hand

Neo Conservative said...

too true.