16 June 2007


Lemme see if I understand this... Dalton fibs about raising taxes and fleeces us on OHIP to the tune of a thousand bucks a household... to "save the healthcare system"... but suddenly discovers 17 billion dollars in his back pocket?!?!

It must be an election year.

Premier Dalton McGuinty unveiled yesterday a sweeping $17.5-billion transit vision for the GTA and Golden Horseshoe that would see construction of 52 projects in what would be the largest transit build in Canadian history.
Hey, piss on the rest of the province... let's dump all that filthy lucre in McGuinty's Metrosexual Mecca.

Just how stupid does he think we are?


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Tourism Toronto announced plans yesterday to woo gay travellers in the U.S. -- by letting them know this city is "as gay as it gets."

Tourism Toronto has been working with the Gay Marketing Advisory Group, led by Councillor Kyle Rae, who said people will finally see the city as more than just friendly.

The tag line "Toronto: As gay as it gets" comes out of people talking about their cities as being gay-friendly.

"Toronto's not gay-friendly -- it's gay," Rae said.
The good news is... maybe they'll feel the need for a straight white guy pavilion at the Caravan Festival this year.


Note to Kyle Rae... you may have just flushed 300,000 dollars down the toilet. Go to any farm auction within 50 miles of here and you'll hear numerous variations of the phrase... "Toronto... As gay as it gets"... and that's before they even start talkin' politics.

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Anonymous said...

Re: $17.5-billion transit vision for the GTA and "Just how stupid does he think we are?" By thinking that voters are stupid, sadly he would not be far off the mark. Unfortunately there are for too many who will still buy into this vote buying. Suckering voters like this happens every time, and it works. As for "Toronto's not gay-friendly -- it's gay" this is a joke right? Not the slogan I would want to see posted at the main entrance of any city.

Neo Conservative said...

the $17.5-billion transit vision is mcguinty's big joke on anyone not living in the gta.

the slogan, otoh... is very real.