24 June 2007

The Bombay Trots

When people tell you not to drink the water while traveling in foreign countries, trust me... they're not kidding.

-- NEW DELHI, June 25 (Reuters) -- Within sight of Delhi's gleaming new metro train, Nawal Kishore slips the body of a baby into the waters of the Yamuna, one of the world's filthiest rivers.

It's just another day at work for the 40-year-old man, who has been disposing of the bodies of three or four children, rich and poor, in the polluted waters of the Yamuna or in the equally dirty river bank every day for the last decade.

Most Hindus cremate their dead, but crematoria across India usually turn away the corpses of babies and children under three, citing a tradition which says they should either be buried or submerged in "holy" rivers.
Maybe somebody should tell Al Gore... there's more than one problem facing humanity in this big, bad world.


Unknown said...

Wonder if there's a market niche for a new bottled water? Eau de Ganges anyone?

Anonymous said...

How about "Reincarnated Water"?

That should sell really well in Los Angeles, don't you think?