15 June 2007

Whew... thank goodness that's fixed

Quebec makes yet another useless, nonsensical gesture...

The proposed legislation, known formally as Bill 9, prohibits the possession of all firearms on the grounds and inside teaching institutions.
I have just one question...

"Which provinces do, or more to the point, ever did... allow firearms in the classroom?"

I'm still waiting for a law prohibiting "sacrificing virgins to the volcano god."

Another silly sop to the mindless loony left.


Anonymous said...

LMAO....go to following link for "Virgins wanted"


Anonymous said...

well now that there is a law, an actual LAW against having guns in schools, that will put an end to that little problem.

Anonymous said...

The next school shooter will be very comforted knowing that none of his law abiding targets will be armed. Not that school shooters in Canada would ever have to worry about ordinary Canadians being armed anywhere, but shooting maniacs will find this law double-plus-good.

langmann said...

What about laws and punishments for people committing violent crimes using a weapon?

Oh wait, that's wrong, its a conservative idea.

So what is the punishment for bringing a gun onto school grounds? Or is it just not allowed.