15 June 2007

Ismail Haniya shows off his...

Tender side...

Hamas political leaders moved to impose calm in the conquered Gaza Strip on Friday after days of factional fighting left more than 90 people dead and Palestinians fearful for the future.
Well, Ismail... call me a jack-booted reactionary... but if you're really looking to "calm things down"... all you guys might want to rethink tactics like kidnapping children and pitching political rivals from the tops of highrise buildings.

Maybe it's different over there in Gaza... but around here, nothin' makes people more nervous... than bodies raining from the heavens and splattering all over their doorsteps.

I mean, what's up with that anyway?

And don't bother tryin' the old, "Well, he started it" defense. That hasn't worked for me since kindergarten.

We know you guys aren't runnin' short of ammo... so the only conceivable reason to do this... is to see the look on people's faces as they plummet to their "martyrdom."

It's a little over the top... even for a sociopath.

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Anonymous said...

I can't recall the name of the female Palestian political who was interviewed by David Gray on CBC, but one comment she made really struck me as bizarre.

She said that this was the first time that she realized the internal Palestinian conflict.

The rest of the world knows that the Palestinians are their own problem, but she only figures it out now????

Anonymous said...

Hamas will "impose calm" - Liberals ought to love those guys in that case. Saddam used to 'impose calm' on Iraq and he's a martyr/hero of left leaning types everywhere.

North Korea, Cuba - such nice places where 'calm' is imposed.

arctic_front said...

hmmmmm, calm, eh?...I kinda like the 'calm' that is present just before the JDAM guided bomb impacts the hide-outs of terrorists. I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that a few or a dozen 'men of god' find their way to heaven.

It has a real sense of justice about it, don't you think?