23 June 2007

This idiotic fascination with celebrity...

It's a shame that Belinda Stronach has breast cancer... it's not something I would wish upon my worst enemy... but I know 324,486 people, in this particular instance, who aren't going to be all that impressed.

Let's see what Statistics Canada has to say...

There were 324,486 cancer deaths over the five-year period. Of this total, 171,655 were males and 152,831 were females. Female deaths from cancer increased at a slightly faster rate, 8.5%, than did male deaths, which rose 5.4%.

In 2004, 66,947 people died from cancer, up 6.8% from 2000.
My guess is the statistics for 2007 are gonna come in somewhere near 70,000 people... not one of them any less special than Belinda.

Now maybe... just maybe... if the Fiberals had taken the 2 billion dollars, that's 2,000 bags of 1 million dollars apiece... and used it to fund cancer research... instead of the asinine Farmer Bob Rifle Registry... Belinda and some of the non-glitterati citizens in Canada would have been way better off in the here and now.

Do you know personally somebody who died of cancer?

Of course you do.

Do you know somebody who was murdered with a deer rifle?

Where should this money have been spent?


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langmann said...

I used to do cancer research and every year they'd fund some play or other artsy thing for over a million dollars doing shows on Cancer and Life etc. etc. Real profound issues, lots of money wasted on it. So don't worry, if the Liberals had spent the FarmerBOB Gunz Registry on Cancer I'm sure they would have found lots of ways to waste it...

Anonymous said...

Imagine what could have been done with the $36 billion that HArper sucked out of income trusts.

It is pretty silly to suggest that people have cancer because there is a gun registry.

Neo Conservative said...

"anony-mouse said... It is pretty silly to suggest that..."

you'd know about silly, my friend.

70,000 canadians will die of cancer in 2007.

people killed with a rifle in 2007... statistically insignificant.

people saved by the farmer bob rifle registry since it's inception... well, that'd be none.

could anyone with cancer have benefitted over the last how many years, if the fiberals had put that 2 billion into cancer research?

you figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a cancer survivor...and waiting for a CT scan on Monday to find out if the breast cancer has spread to the lungs. The way I feel and the way it looks on the x-ray, that's more than likely.

Having indepth CT scans readily available to as many people as possible would be helpful. Plays about cancer do nothing in the long run.

Not bitter here at all....wish Belinda well....hope that we can put money where it's really really useful.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:16 are you Paul Martin or Jack Layton your reading ability is showing?
Harper didn't suck anything out of the income trusts he simply removed a tax dodge for large corporations. A dodge that if allowed to continue would have bankrupted the federal treasury.
BTW no one suggested that the gun registry caused cancer. Obviouslsy you didn't read or else you didn't understand the article so for you I will type slowly, "the money wasted tracking farmer Bob's gopher gun is not being used to treat cancer". Get that? Good now go find a lib/dipper blog that shares your level of reading comprehension.

langmann said...

@ Anon 8:25: I'm sorry about that. Good luck to you.

Yes everytime I saw a million spent on plays, computers for offices, more bureaucrats (there's floors of hospitals filled with them), I keep thinking - there goes a treatment center, a CT scanner, a technician salary for his lifetime, an OR nurse, a radiologist for a year, a cancer specialist etc...

Glad you're not bitter, you don't need to be. I'm bitter and annoyed.

Anonymous said...

The money wasted tracking Farmer Bob's gopher gun is but a fart in a hurricane in relation to the money wasted by governments of every stripe on all sorts of programs, including the billions wasted buying farmer Bob's vote.