30 June 2007

Bobbies bang up bombers

"I can confirm that we believe the incident at Glasgow airport is linked to the events in London yesterday," Constable Rae said at a news conference. "There are clearly similarities and we can confirm that this is being treated as a terrorist incident."

A British government security official said the methods used in the airport attack and Friday's thwarted plots were similar, with all three vehicles carrying large quantities of flammable materials.

Police later arrested two more suspects in the London and Glasgow plots in Cheshire county in northern England, Scotland Yard said early Sunday.
As crackdown continues... watch for heightened "M.O.L."


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And the decision to raise the threat level to "critical" - which means an attack is imminent - reflected concern that those responsible have the capability and intent to carry out further bombings.

All flights to and from Glasgow Airport were suspended on Saturday.
Call me paranoid, but you might wanna take a pass on the London Gay Pride parade, or any other large public gathering in the UK this weekend.

The smart money's at home watching telly.


UPDATE: Band on the run

Maybe house arrest wasn't the answer, huh?
A key member of the Crevice gang was Anthony Garcia. During his trial, an Al-Qaeda supergrass revealed that Garcia’s brother, Lamine Adam, had allegedly wanted to bomb a nightclub and was seeking a formula for explosives.

The supergrass’s testimony was not considered strong enough for prosecution. However, Adam, 26, and his younger brother, Ibrahim, 20, were placed on control orders in February 2006 on the grounds that they planned to kill British soldiers serving abroad.

The two brothers and a friend, Cerie Bullivant, 24, who was put on a control order last July, went on the run six weeks ago. Police think they may have slipped abroad, but they cannot rule out that the trio could still pose a threat within the UK.
Find these guys and send them on to Allah.

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