23 June 2007

Go big... or go home

Nobody can say the Tyendinaga Mohawks aren't dreamin' in colour...

It starts at the northern border of Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and spans northward to the upper one-third of the township, covering 33,280 acres or 52 square miles.

This tract of land, Bardy believes, was alienated in 1820 when the government built a road to Toronto through the area.

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Anonymous said...

Wow just think.. ancient scams are rectified and the elites sweat like pigs wondering if they will lose ten cents!

Neo Conservative said...

well... that's the first time i've been called an elite... what exactly is that?

while you're at at maybe you could explain the scam and how 52 square miles of land equates to ten cents.

or you could just go have another hit on the bong.