22 June 2007

And that, my friends...

Is the most important consideration here...

"Obviously it sends a very positive message about diversity," Simon Fraser University criminologist Neil Boyd said of the police board's decision.
Well, maybe the chief can jazz up all their technology... cos' it doesn't sound like he's much of a street cop.
Much of the officer's career has been spent on the technical side of policing. Among other achievements, he created the VPD's first website in 1997, and oversaw the force's transition to a new radio system in 1998.
Of course, maybe I shouldn't be so critical... apparently he's the most qualified and sought after leader in Canadian law enforcement.
"The police board has gone through an exhaustive process, we've searched the whole country for the best person for the job," Mr. Sullivan said.
I wonder how Toronto missed hiring him.

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OMMAG said...

So aside from managing a couple of simple tech projects that any 1st year tech school student could handle ....he'' be very good at China Town Dinners!
Good for Vancouver! What a find....

Neo Conservative said...

he's obviously a book-smart kind of a guy... but he'll have a minimum of street cred with the officers he'll be overseeing.

the position should be about experience and leadership skills rather than warm, fuzzy political correctness.

what possessed this guy to swallow his pride and accept a blatantly token appointment is beyond me.


Mac said...

That's easy, neo... Have you seen how much they pay the Chief of Vancouver Police? As for the token thing, it's going to be hard for those no-minds who like to accuse all cops of being racist (especially the upper echelon) to make their nonsense stick.

As for why Toronto didn't grab him, I'm willing to bet he didn't apply. I've lived in Toronto and I'm presently in Vancouver... I wouldn't apply to Toronto as a constable, let alone the chief.

First off, you would have to work with his Blondness, Mayor "Marxist" Miller. Secondly, I can only imagine the mess left behind by that dipstick Fantino. Thirdly (and most importantly) you would have to live in Toronto.