19 June 2007

What about the separation...

Of Church and State Trooper?

-- Vatican City -- THOU shall not drive under the influence of alcohol. Thou shall respect speed limits. Thou shall not consider a car an object of personal glorification or use it as a place of sin.

The Vatican took a break from strictly theological matters today to issue its own rules of the road, a compendium of dos and don'ts on the moral aspects of driving and motoring.

Praying while driving was encouraged.
I'm a little surprised, with stuff like genocide in Darfur, the insane violence in Gaza and the rest of the middle east... the Pope was so focused on vehicular trespasses.
Vatican City, the world's smallest sovereign state, doesn't have many of the problems listed in the document.

It has about 1000 cars, the speed limit is 30km/h and one Vatican official said the last accident inside Vatican City's walls was about a year and a half ago, resulting in minor damage.
I guess he's thinking globally.

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Don said...

Actually, I'm not sure where the Australian newspaper you quote came up with some of its pithy language, as it wasn't from the document itself. The document came from the "Pontifical Council for Migrants and Itinerant peoples" and the part about driving was only a short part about the larger issue "pastoral care of the road."
The document contains: A set of “guidelines” for drivers, steps to take against the “modern day slavery” of prostitution – to “free” the women, at the same time punish and “cure” their clients – as wells as initiatives to help street children and give comfort to the homeless. There is a lot there for people to consider.

A brief and informative write-up of the document is available at:

Neo Conservative said...

i'm thinkin' if you're the kind of idiot who drinks and drives, you're probably not likely to care what anyone, least of all the pope, thinks.

it's like gun control... not needed for good citizens... ignored by criminals.

thx anyway for the link.