30 June 2007

In other Aboriginal news...

No good deed... goes unpunished.

-- PINE RIDGE, South Dakota (AP) -- Tribal police Thursday shut down a volunteer blockade aimed at keeping beer out of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where alcoholism is rampant, and arrested three organizers who refused to leave.

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Facts don't matter to the lunatic left... you're always gonna end up being a racist, a whatever-o-phobe or a nazi...
Brainwashed by years of Little Big Man propaganda, their eyes blinded by New Age sweetgrass, the average Canadian lefty's tiny conscience -- a wizened chunk of white guilt, junk science and bad history at the best of times -- bursts like the Grinch's heart when you say anything bad about natives.
Even when they can't explain why.

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Unknown said...

Rightgirl is part Micmac, in fact she qualifies for Native Status but has not done so on principle. Kinda funny to see all those white boy lefties slagging her as a racist. She would not play the race card on this matter, I on the other hand have no so such problem in defending her.