27 June 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I wonder if Liberal Environment Minister Laurel Broten is familiar with those words...
Robbie Robinson, a retired architect whose backyard abuts Broten's Etobicoke home, says in a submission to the OMB that he fears the construction of the garage, which will include an auto lift, will be higher than a neighbouring home and jeopardize a 14-metre tree that sits between those two properties.

Robinson told Sun Media that Broten and her husband routinely have four vehicles parked at their home -- a hybrid SUV, a station wagon, a sports car and an older car

In a letter to the OMB, Robinson says that the proposed garage would have walls that are 14 feet high and a ridge that is 19 feet high, almost twice what the bylaw allows.
Minister Broten is apparently not available for comment, but an underling was quick to attempt to put a warm, fuzzy face on the massive automotive edifice.
Anne O'Hagan, a spokesman for Broten, said the minister was not available for an interview yesterday, but she told Sun Media that the complainant is not privy to the plan.

"It's a one-car garage; it's actually for the (babies') strollers," O'Hagan said.
Geez... it's for the babies.

That's even better than saving the whales.


UPDATE: Broten claims she's really green...

As she throws her husband under the bus.
Broten said she has a hybrid SUV but her husband has three vehicles -- two sports cars and a Volvo SUV.
Oh yeah... she loves trees too.


JUST DESSERTS: OMB lays Broten beatdown
Broten and her husband sent a letter to the Ontario Municipal Board on Friday saying they no longer wanted a variance from height restrictions in their west-end neighbourhood.

But the letter was too late to stop a board hearing Tuesday into neighbours' complaints that the tall garage would dwarf their properties and might damage a large tree.

The board ruled in favour of Broten's neighbours and said she could not have the variance to build the two-storey garage.

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