20 June 2007

Spineless Marxist Miller...

And his coterie of politically correct ass-kissers... back down on not supporting the troops...

Toronto councillors voted unanimously on Wednesday to extend the use of 'Support Our Troops' decals on fire and emergency medical service vehicles.
In the end, this guy's about as principled as a feral cat.
Although Mr. Miller had indicated he wouldn't support the motion, he said today the death of three more soldiers in Afghanistan brought the issue home for him.
Well, that... and the likelihood of being tarred & feathered in front of Nathan Phillips Square.

I'm guessin' it's gonna take more than a couple of gin fizzes to get that taste out of his lyin', hypocritical mouth.


UPDATE: This shouldn't end here

Email David Miller and let him know how you feel.


LAST WORD: They will be remembered
Canadian military officials released the names the fallen soldiers. Corporal Stephen Frederick Bouzane, 26, Private Joel Vincent Wiebe, 22, and Sergeant Christos Karigiannis, all with the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry perished in the bombing.

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Jeff said...

more than a couple of gin fizzes

real men drink bud, right?

miller did the right thing and you can't stand it.

KURSK said...

Miller did what was politically expediant..nothing more and nothing less.

Can't be seen supporting a war against the little brown people, who might also be fellow travellers in small way, eh, what?

The marxists on the Toronto city council should be required to take a civics lesson once in a while..

Neo Conservative said...

"jeffy said... miller did the right thing and you can't stand it."

hmmm... which time would that be?

yesterday, when he vehemently opposed it, or today, when he spun 180 degrees and supported it?

i'm so confused.


Anonymous said...

Miller did the only thing he could to save face.
If the 3 troops who passed away this morning,did not, you would have a different vote.

Anonymous said...

Socialist Toronto is run by some very nasty people - they hate cops, soldiers, businessmen, any professional not in a union and any other 'white' male with a judeo-christian heritage who works for a living. That's all.