17 June 2007

Globe tries to blame Harper...

For refugee claim backlog.

-- OTTAWA -- Canada's backlog of refugee claims is growing by almost 1,000 cases a month as the Harper government continues to dawdle on filling vacancies at the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Backlog statistics are drawn from the IRB's data on pending claims. Currently, there are about 28,000 such claims at various stages of the refugee determination process.
While, surprisingly, over at the Red Star... they're exposing the immigration consultants who are taking money for showing people how to falsify their entry into Canada...
Filing a claim based on lies, as Arora has suggested, is an abuse of Canada's compassion, the refugee system and, in the long run, the client.

Trouble is, it's also attractively effective
It's a pretty interesting expose of the "refugee claimant" industry.

But that's not what the sheeple want to hear.


Save us... oh compassionate Liberal Party

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Mac said...

The name says it all:

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

One of Chretien's gifts to Canada; one of the most complicated and flawed pieces of legislation in Canadian history.

Neo Conservative said...

mac... thx for the link


Anonymous said...

Liberals want their friends to fill vacancies with the Board so they can get back to selling Canadian citizenship for Party profits.

Anonymous said...

mayhaps this is one of those areas the not with standing clause is ment for in a majority gov't???