19 June 2007

Too much money? Live in Toronto?

Don't worry... David Miller & Dalton McGuinty are gonna fix that right up.


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It's okay to spit on Canadian troops...

"By putting messages on our vehicles it sends the message that the city of Toronto supports the mission in Afghanistan and I don't believe we should be sending that message."

Good timing... you spineless leftbot
-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) -- Three more Canadian soldiers have been killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan.

Military officials say the powerful blast hit the vehicle carrying the soldiers.

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Anonymous said...

I thought they were trying to help the gridlock situation. All the 416'ers are going to be making trips to the 905 for cheap booze and whatever else they decide to tax.

Lemon said...

Miller or course never peeped about new taxes in his mayor's campaign.
He is a lying socialist and no one, ever should ever even think about voting NDP ever.

Neo Conservative said...

additional taxes on cars, homes and booze... these guys are suicidal.


Anonymous said...

Toronto could save money by getting rid of the police force. The Taliban, Jamaican gangs, Bikers etc. would be more than helpful if the good socialists were to take such a measure...