26 June 2007

Circus Jerkus

My wife, who is a much more tolerant person than I could ever hope to be, just said to me "Isn't it ironic that an event that was originally designed to promote acceptance of the gay community, has turned into such a freak show."

As per usual, she nailed it.

Now, unless I'm mistaken, that seems to be the message our own Blogging Tory Diogenes Borealis is sending out as well...

Another Gay Pride weekend has come and gone, and once more I cringe with embarrassment when I see the images of the various pride parades on TV and in print.

In the National Post today, the only coverage of Toronto's event was a photo of a semi-naked man wearing a studded leather jock strap (and not much else) entertaining a crowd with his package.
It must be difficult for any gay person who doesn't aspire to participate in this uber-public celebration of sexual buffoonery... to be tarred yearly with this very sticky brush.

That, unfortunately, is how contemporary media shapes our perceptions.

My problem with the gay community isn't a religious thing. I don't believe people choose to be gay.

What I object to is the politicising of the whole thing, the political correctness and the insistence that I must accept whatever propaganda the community chooses to spray around.

I don't wanna hear about any of my neighbours' sex lives.

And I sure don't wanna hear about theirs.

Check out Diogenes... he's worth a read.


With Red Rosie on your side...

Who needs enemies?

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