25 June 2007

Stand by for cars that top out...

At five miles per hour, whiskey bottles with lockable caps and tobacco that needs special matches to catch fire...

Is there any end to ass-backwards solutions that allow people to not take responsibility for their lives, their children and their future?

Aboriginals in Labrador are hoping a new fuel that doesn't intoxicate gas sniffers could help solve a persistent problem among young people in their communities.

In 2002, the entire community of Davis Inlet was relocated after footage of gas-sniffing children, screaming they wanted to die, was broadcast worldwide.

Just three years later, and after $160-million in moving costs, the chief of the new community Natuashish was forced to admit that the problem was again out of control.
It ain't the gasoline that's the problem here, you dopey assholes... it's inadequate or totally absent parenting.

Why are you having children if you refuse to take care of them?

God help us if this entire community isn't using plastic cutlery.


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One in 10 aboriginal children now lands in foster care, compared to one in 200 for non-aboriginal children, the AFN said. There are currently three times as many children in foster care as there were in residential schools.

While some figures show First Nations youngsters account for as much as 40 per cent of the children in Canada's foster care system, the number of Mohawk children in care here is proportionate to communities off the reserve.

UPDATE: Jeff "Ladybug" Davidson has linked to this post...

So he could call me naughty names.

I think he's still pissed about this and this and this.

Hey Jeffy... I have to ask, yet again... if that's the way you really feel... why would you waste your time constantly coming back here, instead of the healing circle over at rabble.ca?

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Anonymous said...

What do we do about greed though? How do we protect the rest of us from them?

Jeff said...
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Anonymous said...

What kind of moron really believes that developing a new fuel that doesn't intoxicate gas sniffers is going to stop the problems in their gas sniffing community? That's just totally ridiculous.

The most important question here though is the level of luxury enjoyed by their Chief?

Canadian taxpayers should be providing the Chief with a level of luxury unimaginable to the ordinary Canadian, if we fail in this regard it simply proves we don't care about aboriginals.

Neo Conservative said...

"when some careless fool forgets to clean up dog crap"

i'm the object of your heroic, uh... dog crap quest?

oh, jeffy... it's sorta like watching old rereuns of "i love lucy".

i'm so embarrassed for you.


Anonymous said...

Not as embarrassed as your wife/tubesock is I'm sure, eh Hallsie?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... Not as embarrassed as"

c'mon jeffy... think up some more silly names.

gotta love the maturity of the loony left.