27 June 2007

China responds...

To recalls of poisonous and counterfeit products, not with shame and apologies... but with a counter-attack.

-- BEIJING, June 27 (Reuters) -- China has seized two fruit shipments from the United States and warned it would apply greater scrutiny to U.S. cargoes, even as it tightens the screws on manufacturers of unsafe food at home.

The country's quarantine bureau said in a statement on its Web site that quality inspectors had detained U.S. shipments of orange pulp, produced by Modern Skill Co. Ltd, and of preserved apricot from Mariani Packing because they contained high levels of bacteria, mildew and sulphur dioxide.

"When dealing with food from America, local quarantine bureaux should tighten their procedures," said the statement seen by Reuters on Wednesday.
What have these people been smoking?


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Chinese President Hu Jintao has put clean government and a more even distribution of wealth at the top of his political agenda.

Mr Hu said the fight against corruption was a prominent part of his plans, and he added that an anti-poverty target must be met by 2020.

But he added that "our country's political reforms must adhere to a correct political direction... and adhere to the party's leadership".

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