24 June 2007

Anglicans... two thumbs up

UPDATE: The story has been changed

Same G & M link, without any explanation, now goes to this Michael Valpy article that says the vote went the other way...

A razor-thin majority of Canada's Anglican bishops on Sunday overrode the wishes of their laity and clergy and vetoed a resolution that would have allowed for blessings in church settings of committed homosexual unions.

It needed a triple majority of bishops, clergy and laity to pass. The laity voted 79 to 59 in favour and clergy voted 63 to 53, but bishops voted 21 to 19 against.
-- WINNIPEG -- Canadian Anglicans have taken the first step towards blessing gay and lesbian unions.

Delegates meeting in Winnipeg for the General Synod have agreed that the blessing of same sex unions does not conflict with the core doctrine of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Widely approved by clergy and laity, the vote was tight among the Anglican bishops, narrowly passing by two votes.
Lutherans... two thumbs down.
Canada's Evangelical Lutheran church, which is also meeting in Winnipeg this weekend, rejected same sex blessings in a vote held Saturday.
And the beat goes on.


LAST WORD: Let's ask the Anglicans
Canadian Anglicans, meeting at their General Synod governing convention, voted by the slimmest of margins to defeat a proposal that would have permitted church blessing rites for gay couples.

However, on the same day, the synod – also by a narrow margin – agreed that such blessings are “not in conflict with the core doctrine” of the church. Much of the sixth day of the synod was taken up with debate on the two questions, with dozens of people approaching microphones in the plenary hall to voice emotional opinions.

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Christian Conservative said...

And they've taken the first steps towards ripping appart the worldwide communion.

Too bad.

Anonymous said...

No wonder folks are leaving the Anglican church is droves. Will the last one out please remember to shut off the lights?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you haters have a place to get together... Disgusting neocons.

Anonymous said...

There's two types of Lutherans. The more conservative group doesn't even have this on the radar screen. (I know, I is one)

Anonymous said...

"Nice to see you haters have a place to get together... Disgusting neocons."

Nice comeback. Whenever someone has a position that you disagree with and you're too stupid to make a genuine argument against...just call them a "Disgusting NeoCon".

And do it Anonymously to.

Neo Conservative said...

Anon said... Nice to see you haters...

ah... you don't mean like gay simon who wants to shoot orthodox jews... or his cuddle-bunny friend bruce... who refers contemptuously to heterosexuals as "breeders"?

not too hard to imagine those two in a wolf pack... hunting down their imagined enemies.

i'm a little tired of the victimhood industry.


Anonymous said...

"Nice to see you haters have a place to get together... Disgusting neocons."

Nice to see you too anon except I do wish you would stop ascribing intentions and philosophies on me. I take the term neocon as meaning "a liberal who doesn't want to spend money". FYI I am not a neocon I am a Christian who holds that the Creater knows what he is doing when He said, through the Apostle Paul what is recorded in 1 Cor 6: 9,10. Since I want everyone to inherit the kingdom why would I say it is ok to practice homosexuallity? In other word I don't hate gay people I love them enough to tell them that they are destroying themselves even if they don't want to hear about it. Can you say the same?